Reasons to buy in La Colina de Asis

Reason to prefer buying in LA COLINA DE ASIS

1. Excellence in Construction System:

The construction company, Porticos, has always seeked for the excellence in the construction system, and has used in the 15 tower-buildings an anti-sismic structure; because peace and security are priceless. In every stage of the project, the structure system selected and modified allows in some sort of way, reforms and allows for future residents/investors to drream big and customize their apartment.

Our commitment is to have satisfied owners, help with the dream of home ownership and to be a great investment opportunity for local and foreign investors. 

Porticos SA, whom has built all the project, is the technology leader in new building systems, making a great team with us who manage, advertise and sell the condo.

2. Location: a Development Sector:

It was a project that began as social housing in 2001. After building the linear park that was donated to the town and start a new route to San Antonio de Prado began to build a dream. The first 6 5 storey towers were built. Then began the second stage in which eight more towers and then project excellence were built, was allowed the builder to dream even more, the rate of height allowed the construction of 15-story buildings.
LA COLINA DE ASIS grew from stratum 1 to, nowadays, stratum 4; it is located in one of the most promising areas and urban development south of metropolitan, called "El Poblado" of Itagui throughout its country setting. Offers families the municipality homeownership opportunities, the dream of living in a green environment surrounded by good neighbors. It will be 640 decent homes!

3. Family Focus:

LA COLINA DE ASIS is a project committed to the development of families. It is a unique project, with 20,000 m2 of green areas, with incredible public areas: club house, equipped gym, swimming pools, turco, kiosk-bbq area, sports court, walking trails, shops (mini-supermarket, hairdresser, internet cafe, stationery). It is a closed unit with 24/7 surveillance gate and covered parking for residents and outdoor visitors parking. Your country setting encourages family togetherness and tranquility.

4.Housing Grants impulsed sector development:

For our project we are thankful to have once the benefits the government and different institutions gave for housing grants. There has been a dream for most families of having their own home, as a family project and thanks to the grants offered, we count nowadays with happy families living in our condo. It has been a benefit given to stratum 1-3 mostly to sponsor development, growth and investment from locals and foreigners seeking for great investment opportunities. 

5. Financing:

We are very aware that security is peace and therefore, we listen to payment proposals from our potential investors! You can access to individual financing or also to a group financing (family, partners,etc).

Homeowners, families and investors are our reason for being and existing, therefore our policy is to have an initial proposal and be available to clear doubts and make a win-win arrangement, where we sell and you have a great investment in your happiness. Different payment options are explained below:

  1. Your proposal. Send us the proposal (which payment aoption suits you better) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Credit Mortgage (30/70): Down payment: 30%. Mortgage: 70%. For apartments in plans the down payment depend on the estimated time of delivery of the building. 
  3. Leasing (20/80): Pay only 20% down and you finances 80%. There are various forms of leasing. Interesting form of payment, ask for it!
  4. Leaseback (leaseback): Financial leasing operation in which yours will lend on a property that supports the credit. For more information on features, benefits, taxes, etc. on the wall of FB click on the link Bancolombia.
  5. Credicontado: Cancellation in 22 equal installments without any interest on 100% of the total value of the apartment.

6. History:

Once upon a time in 2000, an underdeveloped Itagui, with a vast wilderness area full of green and dams. A dreamer buys a big chunk of land, he had a dream in mind. He dreamed of a better Itagui, a sector with development potential. This man began his project: the first thing he did was to start building the new road San Antonio de Prado, then the linear park. Both works ceded to the municipality and now, began his dream LA COLINA DE ASIS. 

It was intended as Social Housing (VIS) and thus was iniciated as such. 6 towers, 120 flats in the first stage. Then the leader of this dream died, but his dream NO. A great woman, his wife, decided to continue this excellent project. Now they have built 400 houses, urbanization has become Stratum 4 thanks to the immense development of Ditaires. It is a project with large social areas, 20,000 mt of parkland, with families full of human quality.

La Colina de Asis was leader in the sector and thanks to the excellence of the construction, they asked permission to raise the height index. Permition to the entire sector rose; So now you have 3 towers of 15 floors and 3 towers still missing. 180 apartments are missing to complete the dream of a family, a great man who dreamed of a better Itagui. It will finish to be a housing project with 640 flats, 640 happy investors, either homeowners or investors seeking for a good Return On Investment (ROI). 

Yes it is, and yes it will remain to be!