• Strategically located condos. CIOCCOLATO: exclusive view toward Campestre Club Golf Course; LA COLINA DE ASIS: country condominium in Itagui.
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Punto Dorado & Porticos

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Punto Dorado & Porticos

Excellent TEAM work for better results! LOGO PORTICO Y PUNTO DORADO



¡ For CPD, together with the well-known constriction company: Pórticos, we want to offer two complexes that show dreams of development, show leadership and a desire to be outstanding to make out of Cioccolato (Medellín) and La Colina de Asis (Itagui) two porjects with extra benefits for families and for the development of its region. Pòrticos is a company that hasbeen in the market for over 28 years and has had a successful path, excellent projects accomplished and esxcellent constructions methods applied.   

USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ Constructora Punto Dorado