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Construction System

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The Tensioning System: it allows anti-seismic structure, for the tranquility and security are priceless. It is also a system that allows reforms; dream big and get yourself a condo with well distributed areas.


Pórticos  S.A is te technology leader in new building systems. 

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The post-tensioning system in concrete structures increases the ability to traction by applying an external force, this featuretranslates into greater economy by providing the project underconstruction time and reduce the amount of materials used.

What does a post-tensioned system provide for the condo?

This technology offers multiple alternatives for construction projects by increasing the load capacity and lower sections of the concrete elements of up to 30% and an excellent choice to bestructural. Some benefits for your project are listed below:

• Efficiency in the use of concrete, formwork times and speed of construction

 Ample space for gestation and complex architectural elements

• Greater flexibility in the generation of large spaces (big lights)for commercial use, housing, parking, etc.

• Optimization of the mezzanine height by reducing the thicknessof the structure

• Reduction of reinforcing steel to minimum

 Lightening and lower total weight of the structure

 Reduce the effects of earthquake

 Less weight of foundation