• Strategically located condos. CIOCCOLATO: exclusive view toward Campestre Club Golf Course; LA COLINA DE ASIS: country condominium in Itagui.
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Punto Dorado- Reseña Historica


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Our History

Mission & Vision

Corporate Values

LOGO Constructura Our History....

Working every day for a dream, a dream on development and improvement!

Constructora Punto Dorado was founded in 2000, in order to promote, manage and sell projects and housing developments, industrial and commercial applications. Also consulting on marketing and performance properties or self-employed real estate projects. Since its establishment, it built 2 wharehouses located in Medellin, sector La Aguacatala. Since 2000 he has been in charge of a macro-project of 640 homes, housing program located in the area of the Municipality of Itagüí Ditaires, La Colina de Asis. For delegated administration, the builder of the project is Porticos Ingenieros S.A, a company that was formed in 1983. It is important to give a detailed description of those who have been our team, our essencial builders and consultants of our main project.

Porticos Ingenieros S.A was created by three developers, three civil engineers of the city. At that time linked with the firms MORRISON KNUDSEN and CONCONCRETO. After 28 years of experience, this organization is dedicated to the construction of civil works for pulbic and private entities, research and development of new technologies, project management and real estate services. They work with a commitment of satisfying customers, shareholders and employees to ensure the permanence in the environment, economic strength and development of the company and each of the individuals that comprise it. They are projected to be the leaders in customer satisfaction.

Looking to be a solid company and leader in the market, it provides the post-tensioning system application to allow a more stable building structure, mixed construction (allowing reforms) and giving the project the added value of being earthquake resistant. Through the application of such technology they are a company recognized in the market; technology such as Tyfo's Method, Soil Nailing, Cathodic Protection, Fabriform, seismic energy dissipation and Structural Reinforcement, to mention some of them.