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CONSTRUCTORA PUNTO DORADO S.A is a company that promotes, manages and sells projects which show commitment to social and human development. With the project/ condominium La Colina de Asís, meant to be a leader in the development of the sector of Ditaires in the Municipality of Itagüí. The satisfaction of customers and owning families is vital to continue building a family-focused community and committed to the municipality and its environment.


We build civil works and buildings, with total quality, which means doing things rightfrom since the beggining, especially if one considers that in the construction sector each end product is unique and unrepeatable.


This act requires excellence in all its relations and internal and external processes. This ensures the permanence in the environment, economic strengthand development of the company and each of the persons that form it.




Is to make CONSTRUCTORA PUNTO DORADO S.A. a good enterprise, in the fields of provision, planning, programming, designing, building and selling. By 2015, it aims to improve the economic strength reducing liabilities and strengthening our sales team.


With his current project/condo La Colina de Asís it aims to show commitment to the community and those families seeking home ownership and the development of the municipality of Itagüí. Our condo also seeks for investment, since it is the best investment nowadays, real state.


With its other project (building), Cioccolato, located in the best neighborhood in Medellin, El Poblado, it pretends to have a commercial offering in an exclusive location and a spectacular view.